Health  Vol.7 No.10 , October 2015
Clinical Follow-Up Nursing Quality in Child Health
Abstract: Objective: The present work aims to evaluate the impact of the activities of nursing consultations on health conditions of children served in Clínica de Enfermagem Salvando Vidas com Educa??o. Methods: This is an exploratory, descriptive study with a quantitative approach, realized from January through December 2012, at the Clínica de Enfermagem (Nursing Clinic), in the Santa Cruz County, Rio Grande do Norte’s countryside, Brazil. Results: The obtained results showed a significant correlation between the type of pathology and final treatment proven by the value of p = 0.000; as for assessed 60%, more than half were discharged; the most prevalent diseases were the association between cutaneous and gastric with 11% who were discharged and, lastly, the association between gastric and respiratory with 7% discharged. Conclusion: Thus, the activities developed by the project are not restricted to the examination during the nursing consultation, since educational activities are planned from the data obtained in those consultations.
Keywords: Child, Nursing, School, Care
Cite this paper: de Andrade, F. , dos Santos Ferreira, T. , de Andrade, T. , dos Santos Dutra, J. , de Oliveira Pereira, D. , Silva, B. , Silva, B. and Araújo, Í. (2015) Clinical Follow-Up Nursing Quality in Child Health. Health, 7, 1235-1242. doi: 10.4236/health.2015.710138.

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