JCC  Vol.3 No.9 , September 2015
Improved Research on Fuzzy Search over Encrypted Cloud Data Based on Keywords
Abstract: A search strategy over encrypted cloud data based on keywords has been improved and has presented a method using different strategies on the client and the server to improve the search efficiency in this paper. The client uses the Chinese and English to achieve the synonym construction of the keywords, the establishment of the fuzzy-syllable words and synonyms set of keywords and the implementation of fuzzy search strategy over the encryption of cloud data based on keywords. The server side through the analysis of the user’s query request provides keywords for users to choose and topic words and secondary words are picked out. System will match topic words with historical inquiry in time order, and then the new query result of the request is directly gained. The analysis of the simulation experiment shows that the fuzzy search strategy can make better use of historical results on the basis of privacy protection for the realization of efficient data search, saving the search time and improving the efficiency of search.
Cite this paper: Zhang, P. and Wang, J. (2015) Improved Research on Fuzzy Search over Encrypted Cloud Data Based on Keywords. Journal of Computer and Communications, 3, 90-98. doi: 10.4236/jcc.2015.39010.

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