AM  Vol.6 No.10 , September 2015
Epidemiological Model and Public Health Sensitization in Mali
In this paper we propose a mathematical model to evaluate the impact of public health sensitization campaign on the spread of HIV-AIDS in Mali. We analyse rigorously this model to get insight into its dynamical features and to obtain associated epidemiological thresholds. If R0 < 1, we show that the disease-free equilibrium of the model is globally asymptotically stable when the public health sensitization program is 100% effective. The impact of public health sensitization strategies is assessed numerically by simulating the model with a reasonable set of parameter values (mostly chosen from the literature) and initial demographic data from Mali.

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Alassane, M. (2015) Epidemiological Model and Public Health Sensitization in Mali. Applied Mathematics, 6, 1696-1711. doi: 10.4236/am.2015.610151.

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