OJU  Vol.5 No.9 , September 2015
Upper Urinary Tract Calculi in Senegal: A Comparative Study between Open Surgery and Endoscopy, a Review of 89 Cases
Abstract: Objective: The aim was to assess the place of endourologic intervention in our practice and compare it to open surgery in the management of upper urinary tract calculi in Senegal. Patients and Methods: This was a retrospective study conducted at both the Principal and Grand Yoff Hospitals of Dakar from January 2009 to December 2013 in which 89 patients with upper urinary tract calculi were mobilized. All patients with symptomatic upper urinary tract colic symptoms were included. Results: Eighty-nine were followed up during the study period, 63 men and 36 women (sex of ratio 1.2). The average age was 44 years with extremes 22 - 75 years. Forty two patients, including 28 men and 14 women (sex ratio 1: 2) were treated with open surgery. The mean age was 42.75 years (4 - 75 years). The average duration of hospitalization after open surgery was 8 days (4 - 60 days). The mean stone size in open surgery was 23 mm (5 mm - 45 mm). Complications noted were: 2 cases of urinomas (4.76%), 1 case of lower back fistula (2.38%), 1 case of renal pelvis fistula (2.38%) and 1 case (2.38%) of infection. Forty seven patients including 35 men (55.6%) and 12 women (46.2%) were treated by endourology. The average length of hospital stay was 2 days (2 d - 3 d). The average stone size treated by endourology was 13 mm (5 mm - 40 mm). No complications were observed in this group. The cost of open surgery was a third of that of endourology. Conclusion: Endoscopic surgery, as is observed from industrialized countries occupies a prominent place in the treatment of upper urinary tract calculi in Senegal; however, the only limiting factor encountered is the cost which remains out of reach for patients and burdening the budgets of our hospitals with limited means.
Cite this paper: Kane, R. , Diallo, Y. , Niang, L. , Ndiaye, A. , Ndoye, M. , Jalloh, M. , Ogoubemy, M. and Gueye, S. (2015) Upper Urinary Tract Calculi in Senegal: A Comparative Study between Open Surgery and Endoscopy, a Review of 89 Cases. Open Journal of Urology, 5, 142-146. doi: 10.4236/oju.2015.59022.

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