OJG  Vol.5 No.8 , August 2015
Petrology and Geochemical Characteristic of the Younger Gabbros of Wadi Shianite Area, Southeastern Desert, Egypt
Abstract: The present work is a petrological study of the gabbroic rocks of wadi Shianite Southeastern Desert of Egypt. Chemical analyses for major and trace elements showed that there are 3 main gabbro types. These are: 1) pyroxene hornblende gabbronorite; 2) hornblende gabbro; and 3) anorthosite. The opaque minerals study of the gabbroic rocks showed that they composed mainly of ilmenite, magnetite and sulphides. The present gabbroic rocks work are related to calc-alkaline magma type, similar to the younger gabbros in other areas in the Eastern Desert.
Cite this paper: Basta, M. (2015) Petrology and Geochemical Characteristic of the Younger Gabbros of Wadi Shianite Area, Southeastern Desert, Egypt. Open Journal of Geology, 5, 577-588. doi: 10.4236/ojg.2015.58052.

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