OJVM  Vol.5 No.8 , August 2015
Parameters Influencing Haematological, Serum and Bio-Chemical References in Livestock Animals under Different Management Systems
Abstract: Serum bio-chemical and haematological indices constitute important panels in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of livestock diseases via the investigations of myriads of parameters influencing these blood and serum bio-chemical indices. Serum bio-chemical indices, haematological indices and blood electrolytes are critical physiological indices which have health implications on the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of livestock diseases especially in animals bred under different management systems. It is important to stress that cascades of parameters of both genetic and non-genetic origin greatly have direct and in-direct health implications on serum bio-chemical indices and blood electrolytes in livestock animals and subsequently on their health/ production performances. Laboratory blood tests would be a vital tool to help detect any deviation from normal state of wellbeing in animals. Therefore, this review intends to provide base line information to establish certain haematological and serum bio-chemical indices as standard references which can be employed as alternative therapy for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of cascades of diseases plaguing livestock animals bred under different management systems especially under the harsh condition of the tropics. Hence, it is important to establish standard values for the various blood and serum bio-chemical indices base on parameters of non-genetic origin; age, sex, physiological state, stress level, management systems, medication, health status, nutrition, hormone, climate, etc. and genetic parameters which include the breed and genotype of the animal among others obviously affect the blood and serum profile of healthy animal which subsequently influence their production performance and efficiency.
Cite this paper: Onasanya, G. , Oke, F. , Sanni, T. and Muhammad, A. (2015) Parameters Influencing Haematological, Serum and Bio-Chemical References in Livestock Animals under Different Management Systems. Open Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 5, 181-189. doi: 10.4236/ojvm.2015.58025.

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