Detection  Vol.3 No.4 , October 2015
Analysis of Nuclear Track Parameters of CN-85 Detector Irradiated to Thermal Neutrons by Using MATLAB Program
Abstract: CN-85 detector which covered with boric acid H3Bo3 pellete has been irradiated by thermal neutrons from (241Am-9Be) source with activity 12 Ci and neutron flux 105 n. cm-2. s-1. The irradiation times-TD for detector were 4 h, 8 h, 16 h and 24 h. The track detector has been etched with sodium hydroxide. After chemical etching of the irradiated CN-85 detector, the images have been taken from a digital camera connected to the optical microscope. Image processing for the output images has been performed using MATALB program, and these images were analyzed and we had found the following relations: a) The relation between summation of opened track or surface density for tracks (intensity-IT) varies with radius of opening (track radius-RT). b) The relation between the tracks number-NT varies with the tracks diameter-DT (in micrometer) and tracks area-AT. That analysis of image processing was obtained, and the track intensity-IT was decreased with increase of track radius-RT at all of the irradiation time-TD. And the track intensity-IT was increased with increasing irradiation time-TD (h) for different track radius-RT (0.4225, 0.845, 1.2675 and 1.69 μm). The study indicates the possibility of using the analysis of image processing to CN-85 detector for classification of α-particle emitters through limitation of radius of track-RT, in addition to the contribution of these techniques in preparation of nano-filters and nono-membrane in nanotechnology fields.
Cite this paper: Al-Jobouri, H. , Rajab, M. and Najam, L. (2015) Analysis of Nuclear Track Parameters of CN-85 Detector Irradiated to Thermal Neutrons by Using MATLAB Program. Detection, 3, 29-36. doi: 10.4236/detection.2015.34005.

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