JEMAA  Vol.3 No.7 , July 2011
Enhancement of Phase Matching Ability in One-Dimensional Photonic Crystal through Plasma Materials
Abstract: We have theoretically studied the modal dispersion equation and effective refractive index of one-dimensional plasma photonic crystals (1-D PPCs) having different materials in one unit cell. The dispersion relations related for such structure is derived by solving Maxwell’s equation using the transfer matrix method. It is found that the presence of plasma in a unit cell enhanced the phase matching ability and provides additional degree of freedom to control phase matching condition compared to the conventional one-dimensional photonic crystals (1-D PCs).
Cite this paper: nullS. Prasad, V. Singh and A. Singh, "Enhancement of Phase Matching Ability in One-Dimensional Photonic Crystal through Plasma Materials," Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications, Vol. 3 No. 7, 2011, pp. 255-260. doi: 10.4236/jemaa.2011.37041.

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