CRCM  Vol.4 No.8 , August 2015
Is Surgery a Good Choice for Patients over 100 Years with Hip Fracture?
Abstract: Introduction: Elderly patients represent a difficult category of surgical candidates for orthopedic surgery because they have multiple associated diseases and a high degree of osteoporosis. Presentation of Case: We present the case of a 103 years old woman with a pertrohanteric hip fracture treated successfully using a 135° dynamic hip screw. Discussion: There are many discussions about this kind of patients regarding postoperative complications, duration of hospitalization, stage of recovery and the patient’s status at discharge. Conclusion: We conclude that surgery may benefit patients who are over 100 year-old.
Cite this paper: Deleanu, B. , Prejbeanu, R. , Vermesan, D. , Honcea, L. , Nuta, C. and Predescu, V. (2015) Is Surgery a Good Choice for Patients over 100 Years with Hip Fracture?. Case Reports in Clinical Medicine, 4, 280-283. doi: 10.4236/crcm.2015.48056.

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