IJOC  Vol.5 No.3 , September 2015
Low Environmental Load Process for the Beckmann Rearrangement of Cycloalkanone Oximes by Brønsted Acid Catalyst with Cobalt Salts
Beckmann rearrangements of oximes to lactams often require harsh conditions and/or the use of large amounts of acid catalyst. To reduce the amount of Bronsted acid required, and to avoid the formation of a large amount of undesirable byproducts under mild reaction conditions, a low environmental load process was developed. Beckmann rearrangements of cyclohexanone oxime and cyclooctanone oxime were achieved using a combination of a Bronsted acid and cobalt tetra-fluoroborate hexahydrate. Various Bronsted acid catalysts (10 - 20 mol%) were used to obtain the corresponding lactams in high yields at 80℃.

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Yamamoto, H. , Komeda, M. , Ozaki, A. , Sumimoto, M. , Hori, K. and Sugimoto, T. (2015) Low Environmental Load Process for the Beckmann Rearrangement of Cycloalkanone Oximes by Brønsted Acid Catalyst with Cobalt Salts. International Journal of Organic Chemistry, 5, 147-152. doi: 10.4236/ijoc.2015.53016.
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