JSBS  Vol.5 No.3 , September 2015
Upgraded Pellet Making by Torrefaction—Torrefaction of Japanese Wood Pellets
Abstract: Upgraded wood pellets were produced and evaluated by torrefaction of wood pellets. In this study, conventional wood pellets were initially prepared and subsequently torrefied on a laboratory and then larger scale. During the laboratory scale production, pellets from wooden parts of Japanese cedar (sugi, Cryptomeria japonica) and Japanese oak (konara, Quercus serrata) trees were heat- treated in an inert gas oven under nitrogen atmosphere around 170°C - 320°C. For the Japanese cedar, the calorific values were improved by heat treatment up to 260°C. By heat treatment at 240°C, the upgrade ratio of higher heating value (HHV) was nearly 30% and the energy yield was 97%. For the Japanese oak, the calorific values were improved by heat treatment up to 320°C. By heat treatment at 280°C, the upgrade ratio of HHV exceeded 30% and the energy yield was 84%. On a larger scale, a conventional charcoal oven was modified for torrefied wood pellet production, meaning that torrefied wood pellet with 25 MJ/kg of calorific value was produced during heat treatment at 350°C. A mixture of conventional and torrefied pellets was applied to a commercial pellet stove, and torrefied wood pellets produced in this study might be usable as fuel for conventional pellet stoves.
Cite this paper: Yoshida, T. , Nomura, T. , Gensai, H. , Watada, H. , Sano, T. and Ohara, S. (2015) Upgraded Pellet Making by Torrefaction—Torrefaction of Japanese Wood Pellets. Journal of Sustainable Bioenergy Systems, 5, 82-88. doi: 10.4236/jsbs.2015.53008.

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