ODEM  Vol.3 No.3 , August 2015
Study on Occupational Health and Safety Impact of Surfactant-Grafted Polyacrylamide Used in Oilfields
Abstract: Surfactant-grafted Polyacrylamide (S-PAM) serves as a novel oil displacement agent in oilfield. Its toxicity and the impact on the occupational safety are unclear. The analysis on composition and chemical structure of S-PAM shows that due to its instability the harmful ammonia gas may be generated during the operation of S-PAM or high temperature. The toxicity and safety evaluation of the S-PAM were analyzed, and suggestions on the protection were proposed. It can provide a safe and healthy working environment for the operators with enormous social and economic benefits.
Cite this paper: Jiang, T. , Wang, B. , Wang, A. , Han, H. and Wu, H. (2015) Study on Occupational Health and Safety Impact of Surfactant-Grafted Polyacrylamide Used in Oilfields. Occupational Diseases and Environmental Medicine, 3, 49-55. doi: 10.4236/odem.2015.33006.

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