Health  Vol.7 No.8 , August 2015
Assessment of Effects of Stress among Healthcare Providers at the Tabarka and Jendouba General Hospital’s Emergency Service Units in Northern Tunisia
Abstract: The study assessed the relationship between exposure to stress and posttraumatic symptoms among nurses and physicians in a Jendouba general hospital. Hospital staff who were exposed to stress were assessed for posttraumatic stress disorder. High levels of stress symptoms were found in physicians and nurses. Logistic regression analysis showed that nurses had an increased risk for posttraumatic stress disorder factors characterized by negative behavior to patient, increased workload excessive ambiguity and role conflict and the lack of free. These findings showed that nurses suffered from more severe posttraumatic symptoms compared to physicians after exposure to prolonged stress. The gap between physicians and nurses warrants further study.
Cite this paper: Maaroufi, N. , Rzeigui, J. , Ayari, L. , Abid, Z. , Dhaouadi, M. and Saidi, H. (2015) Assessment of Effects of Stress among Healthcare Providers at the Tabarka and Jendouba General Hospital’s Emergency Service Units in Northern Tunisia. Health, 7, 910-914. doi: 10.4236/health.2015.78107.

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