IJIS  Vol.5 No.4 , July 2015
Intelligent Agent Technologies: The Work Horse of ERP E-Commerce
Abstract: Agents are the new defacto standard for inclusion in modules of today’s software systems such as ERP systems, mobile applications and operating systems. Agents are an integral part of today’s software design. The question is how do intelligent agents work in the specific area of ERP credit card processing e-commerce models? To answer this question, a specific area of ERP systems will be analyzed: credit card processing for merchants. One specific merchant credit card processor will be specifically investigated: EVO Merchants. This paper will research how exactly does ERP systems interact using Application Programing Interface or “API” specified by a credit card clearing house. Secure Socket Layers or SSL, and XML are discussed and elaborated on specifically how intelligent agents play such a pivotal role in ERP e-commerce systems for credit card processing.
Cite this paper: Galante, A. (2015) Intelligent Agent Technologies: The Work Horse of ERP E-Commerce. International Journal of Intelligence Science, 5, 173-176. doi: 10.4236/ijis.2015.54015.

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