AM  Vol.6 No.8 , July 2015
Studying Scalar Curvature of Two Dimensional Kinematic Surfaces Obtained by Using Similarity Kinematic of a Deltoid
Abstract: We consider a similarity kinematic of a deltoid by studying locally the scalar curvature for the corresponding two dimensional kinematic surfaces in the Euclidean space . We prove that there is no two dimensional kinematic surfaces with scalar curvature K is non-zero constant. We describe the equations that govern such the surfaces.
Cite this paper: Solouma, E. , Wageeda, M. , Gouda, Y. and Bary, M. (2015) Studying Scalar Curvature of Two Dimensional Kinematic Surfaces Obtained by Using Similarity Kinematic of a Deltoid. Applied Mathematics, 6, 1353-1361. doi: 10.4236/am.2015.68128.

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