AJIBM  Vol.5 No.7 , July 2015
Case Study of Financial Planning and Design in Power Assets Integration
Abstract: Financial planning plays an important role in assets integration. On the basis of destination of assets integration, financial planning plays a role in object selecting, integration method, assets segmentation, creditor’s right and counter-performance disposal. Among them, the core part is integration methods selecting and assets segmentation, which determine the design and performance of the integration project. The article makes a research about how NYH integrates cases and proclaims the progress of financial planning in power assets integration. The research shows that good financial planning can not only reach the assets integration goal, but also decrease the risk and cost of assets integration.
Cite this paper: Wang, C. (2015) Case Study of Financial Planning and Design in Power Assets Integration. American Journal of Industrial and Business Management, 5, 475-479. doi: 10.4236/ajibm.2015.57047.

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