Health  Vol.7 No.7 , July 2015
Senior Citizens’ Cultural Activity and Participation in Community Life
Abstract: Objective: This study has the objective to know the cultural activities of the senior citizen and their participation in community life as encouraged by Primary Health Care professionals. Methods: This is a quantitative study that was performed on 130 senior citizens in the city of Santa Cruz, in the Brazil state of Rio Grande do Norte. Results: The participation of senior citizens in groups is very beneficial because it increases their autonomy and self-esteem, socialization, well-being and consequently, which leads to a higher quality of life. However, there were some failures in the promotion of healthy aging and the adoption of strategic activities. Conclusions: Based on this observation, it is expected that this study can provide resources for the primary health care professionals to try to stimulate senior citizens by carrying out cultural activities that value and increase their potential, quality of life and self-esteem and, thus, promote active and healthy aging.
Cite this paper: de Andrade, F. , dos Santos Ferreira, T. , de Oliveira Pereira, D. , Araújo, Í. , de Assunção, J. , Silva, I. , dos Santos Dutra, J. and de Lima Cabral, A. (2015) Senior Citizens’ Cultural Activity and Participation in Community Life. Health, 7, 859-864. doi: 10.4236/health.2015.77101.

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