WJET  Vol.3 No.3 , August 2015
Study on Fault Location in the T-Connection Transmission Lines Based on Wavelet Transform
Abstract: The results of T-Line Traveling Wave Fault Location is easily influenced by the wave arrival time and traveling wave propagation velocity; it proposes that the traveling wave uses wavelet transform to extract the modulus maxima of breakdown voltage, to confirm the time of the traveling wave reaching the three-terminal line. The speed of the traveling wave reaching three terminals is confirmed by the structural parameters of the transmission line. We apply the arrival time and propagation velocity to the T-type traveling wave fault location algorithm. Different transmission line distance select the corresponding algorithm, excluding the impact of fault branches and in some cases ranging accuracy, the failure dead zone will not appear. After MATLAB simulation analysis, the algorithm analysis is clear; the range accuracy is high, so that it can meet the requirements of fault location.
Cite this paper: Wen, P. , Song, H. , Guo, Z. and Pan, Q. (2015) Study on Fault Location in the T-Connection Transmission Lines Based on Wavelet Transform. World Journal of Engineering and Technology, 3, 106-115. doi: 10.4236/wjet.2015.33012.

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