OJSS  Vol.5 No.7 , July 2015
Physical and Biochemical Properties of Apple Orchard Soils of Different Productivities
Abstract: Physical and biochemical properties of apple orchard soils of different productivities (orchard A: 30 t·haǃ orchard B: 20 t·haǃ) were analyzed. Most of the physical properties were similar in both orchards. In orchard A, the horizontal saturated hydraulic conductivity at 10-cm depth was 16.42 cm·dayǃ, and was about four times higher than that in orchard B (4.41 cm·dayǃ). Total carbon, total nitrogen, and total phosphorus were about two times higher in orchard B soil, whereas total potassium, bacterial biomass, nitrification, and phosphorus mineralization activities were similar in both orchards. Excess nutrients accumulated on the top 15 cm layer of orchard B soil because the topographical and physical conditions were associated with reduced apple productivity. Appropriate management of fallen leaves and reduction of chemical fertilizer seem necessary for a high level of apple productivity.
Cite this paper: Kai, T. , Mukai, M. , Araki, K. , Adhikari, D. and Kubo, M. (2015) Physical and Biochemical Properties of Apple Orchard Soils of Different Productivities. Open Journal of Soil Science, 5, 149-156. doi: 10.4236/ojss.2015.57015.

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