AM  Vol.6 No.8 , July 2015
Logistic Methods in Calculating Mortality Index in Hidalgo México
Abstract: Mortality projections in a population are based on the prior analysis of mortality in a region, hoever, there are populations where data are not available or not reflect its real mortality level, that is, the projections depend on hypothesis strength of previous data. Based on these assumptions, the mathematical method Genova I Maleras 1997 used the most recent data and the model tables from the United Nations (UN). This method was applied to a mortality survey of the population of Hidalgo State, Mexico, projecting to year 2030. This method has not been applied in Mexico.
Cite this paper: Martínez-Guzmán, G. , Bustillo-Díaz, M. , Rangel-Huerta, A. , Juárez-Díaz, G. , Ata-Pérez, A. , Quiroz-Hernández, N. , González-Velázquez, R. and Bernabe-Loranca, M. (2015) Logistic Methods in Calculating Mortality Index in Hidalgo México. Applied Mathematics, 6, 1193-1199. doi: 10.4236/am.2015.68110.

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