OJO  Vol.5 No.6 , June 2015
Giant Myositis Ossificans Circumscribed Post Traumatic of Gluteus and Adductor Muscles: Case Report
Abstract: Myositis ossificans circumscribed is a bone and cartilage heterotopic non neoplastic proliferation inside the soft tissues. It is a benign focal heterotopic ossification process of soft tissues, and a rare disorder that occurs spontaneously or after local trauma. Clinical and radiographic appearances are quite hustler. A careful histological examination of biopsy straightens diagnosis is necessary. There is no consensus in support (surgical or/and medical). From Benign prognosis, evolution of this pathology is usually favorable. The authors report a case of giant myositis ossificans circumscribed post-traumatic localized on gluteus and adductor muscles of the right hip on a 26-year-old man. Through a review of literature the mechanism, the diagnostic methods and therapeutic will be discussed.
Cite this paper: Samba, K. , Stanislas, T. , Abdoulaye, B. , Eric, D. , Brahima, D. , Astrid, N. , Gérard, K. , Marius, V. , Estelle, M. and Sylvain, A. (2015) Giant Myositis Ossificans Circumscribed Post Traumatic of Gluteus and Adductor Muscles: Case Report. Open Journal of Orthopedics, 5, 157-162. doi: 10.4236/ojo.2015.56021.

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