MSCE  Vol.3 No.7 , July 2015
The Reconstruction Technique of Multi-Product Production and MINLP Mathematical Modelling
Low efficiency, negative impacts on the environment and non-profitable operations are the main shortcomings of out-dated industrial processes. Such systems can be reconstructed and improved in the direction of multi-product operations. The study of this article focuses on the development of a method for multi-product operations by reconstructing out-dated industrial processes. This article contains the theory of a developed method that enables the updating of existing process units and integrated systems on the basis of reconstruction scenarios and pathways. The goals of the set out method are: 1) to maintain the existing process units and chemical plants to a greater extent, 2) to enable the potential for finding new process alternatives and technological solutions, 3) to provide a streamlined operation for all subsystems and total systems, 4) to promote environmental and social responsibilities, and 5) to apply the concept of the presented reconstruction method to non-profitable industrial processes. In regard to multi-product operations, a conceptual model is a suitable tool for the reconstruction of industrial processes. It connects several software tools and so enables quick decision-making between process alternatives. A reconstruction method provides foresight into the possible improvements to existing industrial processes. In comparison with the indirect synthesis of DME (simple reconstruction pathway), the lower operating costs from the direct synthesis of DME (complex reconstruction pathway) were confirmed.

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Hosnar, J. and Kovač-Kralj, A. (2015) The Reconstruction Technique of Multi-Product Production and MINLP Mathematical Modelling. Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, 3, 59-74. doi: 10.4236/msce.2015.37007.
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