BLR  Vol.6 No.2 , June 2015
On the Development Trend in Macro-Evolution and Micro-Progress of Law
Abstract: Law evolution is prior to law progress. Once law progress began, both of them changed simultaneously. When law takes as a collective conception, it makes inner macro-evolution spontaneously. To a large extent, the law itself changes with the social changes. On the contrary, when law is regarded as a unit conception, it proceeds external micro-progress passively. It is depending on the social reason to promote and carefully constructed. The development of traditional law to modern law is development trend in macro-evolution of law. And the independent development from department law to field law is development trend in micro-progress of law.
Cite this paper: Zheng, L. (2015) On the Development Trend in Macro-Evolution and Micro-Progress of Law. Beijing Law Review, 6, 159-164. doi: 10.4236/blr.2015.62016.

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