JAMP  Vol.3 No.6 , June 2015
Analytical Approach of the Nonlinear Surface Plasmon at a Left-Handed Material
Abstract: The surface wave dispersion relations of surface Plasmon at the interface of a left-handed material and a non-linear Kerr medium of arbitrary nonlinearity are derived based on a generalized first integral approach. The normalized power flow is also investigated for various values of frequency. The above study is conducted for both cases: self-focusing (α≺0) and de-focusing (α≻0) nonlinear Kerr coefficient.
Cite this paper: Hamada, M. , El-Astal, A. , Sbiah, M. and Shabat, M. (2015) Analytical Approach of the Nonlinear Surface Plasmon at a Left-Handed Material. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, 3, 673-679. doi: 10.4236/jamp.2015.36080.

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