IB  Vol.7 No.2 , June 2015
Quality Perception Evaluation: A Case Study of a Private Bank Branch in Campina Grande, PB
Abstract: Marketing can be understood as the instrument used by companies to determine the needs of its customers and to create mechanisms in order to supply such needs and bring the company better chances of success. The financial sector in Brazil often involves great challenges; thus as to survive and grow in marketing it is necessary to implement some actions that enable greater proximity between companies and customers; to understand their needs and to be more flexible in order to offer more quality, individually. Currently, there is no significant differential used by the companies on their products and services, and therefore, it is necessary to create marketing strategies so as to achieve and maintain market share. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to evaluate the perception of quality in the services provided by a bank, located in Campina Grande, Paraíba, Brazil. Regarding the methodological aspects, this study is characterized as exploratory and descriptive, being a case study, with a quantitative analysis approach. The findings revealed that the agency still falls short in many criteria that concern its customers. Consequently, it is necessary that the company improves its employees’ qualification, starts to listen and respond to customers’ suggestions, and also has some flexibility in its services. Therefore, the agency should review the points that should be improved in order to prevent their customers to seek for services provided by other agencies that offer quality services.
Cite this paper: Alves, A. , Ramalho, Â. , Silva, S. , Lacerda, C. , Lima, J. and Silva, F. (2015) Quality Perception Evaluation: A Case Study of a Private Bank Branch in Campina Grande, PB. iBusiness, 7, 86-97. doi: 10.4236/ib.2015.72011.

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