IJMPCERO  Vol.4 No.3 , August 2015
Commissioning and Optimization of a Total Skin Electron Therapy Technique Using a High Dose Rate Electron Facility
Abstract: Total skin electron therapy (TSET) is used for the treatment of Mycosis Fungoides. Several tech-niques have been developed, in order to achieve homogeneous dose distribution over the complete body surface. To implement a TSET technique, one has to optimize a variety of parameters. Monte Carlo simulation of TSET can facilitate this optimization. The aim of this study was to commission and optimize a TSET technique using the 4 and 6 MeV electron and the high dose rate facility on the Elekta Precise accelerator. The EGS4nrc/BEAMnrc Monte Carlo code was used. The beam data were calculated and measured at two different scoring planes for a single beam. The Model was validated by comparing the simulation with measurements. Two different vertical angles were used to obtain a uniform dose. The angle was optimized for best dose uniformity. The Rando phantom is placed on a rotating platform and rotates 60 degrees apart to facilitate the six patient position orientations. The doses delivered in a phantom by complete treatment were measured with Kodak EDR2 films and TLDs. The dose distribution varied among various scanning directions by 2 - 3 mm and 3 - 4 mm for 4 and 6 MeV respectively. The composite percentage depth dose of all six dual fields for the 4 and 6 MeV yielded an R80 of ~4 mm and ~6 mm, respectively. Dose uniformity was ±6% for 4 MeV and ±5% for 6 MeV. The bremsstrahlung contamination was 0.9% - 1.3%. Good agreements were found with published literature and inline with international protocols.
Cite this paper: A. M. Yousif, Y. and A. Willemse, C. (2015) Commissioning and Optimization of a Total Skin Electron Therapy Technique Using a High Dose Rate Electron Facility. International Journal of Medical Physics, Clinical Engineering and Radiation Oncology, 4, 197-207. doi: 10.4236/ijmpcero.2015.43024.

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