MSA  Vol.6 No.6 , June 2015
Direct Structural Evidences of Epitaxial Growth Ge1-X MnX Nanocolumn Bi-Layers on Ge(001)
Abstract: Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) system equipped with in-situ Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED) has been used for (Ge, Mn) thin film growth and monitoring the surface morphology and crystal structure of thin films. Based on the observation of changes in RHEED patterns during nanocolumn growth, we used a real-time control approach to realize multilayer structures that consist of two nanocolumn layers separated by a Ge barrier layer. Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) has been used to investigate the structural properties of the GeMn nanocolumns and GeMn/Ge nanocolumns bi-layers samples.
Cite this paper: Le, T. (2015) Direct Structural Evidences of Epitaxial Growth Ge1-X MnX Nanocolumn Bi-Layers on Ge(001). Materials Sciences and Applications, 6, 533-538. doi: 10.4236/msa.2015.66057.

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