OJPS  Vol.5 No.4 , July 2015
The Problems of Rebuilding a State in Iraq 2003-2015
Abstract: The process of rebuilding the new state in Iraq has faced many internal and external problems. This study is going to focus on the internal problems; they are represented by the problem of national identity, setting the basis of the new Iraqi state, democracy, federalism, national reconciliation and governmental corruption. We selected those problems because we agreed with the consensus among Iraqi academic & political forces on attributing the continuity of instability & the increasing number of human casualties in Iraq to those specific problems. So, we think that solving those problems in accordance with strong national laws will lead to secure the building of Iraqi democratic state capable of making peaceful coexistence among its components based on their public acceptance to principles of liberty, citizenship, equality, pluralism and the separation of powers.
Cite this paper: Abbas, M. and Jassam, R. (2015) The Problems of Rebuilding a State in Iraq 2003-2015. Open Journal of Political Science, 5, 247-255. doi: 10.4236/ojps.2015.54026.

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