MSCE  Vol.3 No.6 , June 2015
VOCs Destruction by Plasma Catalyst Coupling Using AL-KO PURE Air Purifier on Industrial Scale

We have investigated in this study the destruction of acetone and toluene with AL-KO PURE air purifier (AL-KO PURE) on industrial scale. In the case of acetone, 100% pollutant abatement is achieved with AL-KO PURE over more than 80 hours (the test duration time) at the high level concentration of 0.5 ppm (1187 μg/m3, about 7 times higher than the average living room level). This corresponds to 0.2 μmol/s with a flow rate of 38.42 m3/h. The regeneration of a saturated catalytic filter was also tested. When the catalytic filter of AL-KO PURE is fully saturated with acetone, a 100% acetone destruction efficiency can be achieved at 0.46 ppm concentration with 25% fan speed. Moreover the second pollutant, toluene, has been also studied. 100% toluene abatement also is achieved with AL-KO PURE over more than 80 hours (the test duration time) at the high level concentration of 0.2 ppm (811 μg/m3, 0.087 μmol/s with a flow rate of 38.42 m3/h). Finally, the availability for the simultaneous removal of both pollutants, acetone and toluene, has been also studied.

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Jia, Z. , Barakat, C. , Dong, B. and Rousseau, A. (2015) VOCs Destruction by Plasma Catalyst Coupling Using AL-KO PURE Air Purifier on Industrial Scale. Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, 3, 19-26. doi: 10.4236/msce.2015.36004.
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