JPEE  Vol.3 No.6 , June 2015
Voltage Stabilization of Hybrid Micro-Grid Using Super Capacitors
Abstract: Scarcity of fossil fuel resources has motivated the researchers to develop renewable energy based power projects. Instead of using a single or independent renewable energy source, it is preferable to use the combination of such energy sources in a distributed way to compensate the power fluctuations of the system and this leads to the concept of hybrid micro-grid energy. Voltage stability is an important parameter for the secure operation of the hybrid-micro grid, and IEEE 1547 Standard defines the limit of the voltage for the successful operation of the micro-grid. Although Vanadium Redox Batteries (VRBs) can help the system to stabilize the voltage when voltage sag occurs when a heavy load is suddenly connected to the system, this stabilization process takes some time. This paper discusses the application of super capacitors to the hybrid micro-grid system, as a higher energy density element, to help the system quickly recover its transient voltage.
Cite this paper: Khan, J. and Nasir, U. (2015) Voltage Stabilization of Hybrid Micro-Grid Using Super Capacitors. Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, 3, 1-9. doi: 10.4236/jpee.2015.36001.

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