OJCE  Vol.5 No.2 , June 2015
Computational Finite Element Modelling of Structural Behaviours of Precast Sandwiched Foamed Concrete Slab
Abstract: The structural behaviour of Precast Lightweight Foamed Concrete Panel (PLFP) under flexural load is investigated by using ABAQUS 6.13. The PLFP is made up of two Whyte’s with a polystyrene insulator placed in between them using a double shear truss connector of diameter 6mm placed at an angle 45°. The panel is reinforced with both vertical and horizontal steel reinforcement of 9 mm diameter. Four panels with varying dimensions are simulated to investigate their Ultimate Strength and Load-deflection profile. The results show that the length to thickness ratio of the panel is the major contributing factor to the ultimate strength of the PLFP. From the load deflection curve, the panel with the least deflection has the highest thickness which also results in a high ultimate strength recorded at 34.43 KN.
Cite this paper: Ukanwa, K. , Mohamad, N. and Lim, J. (2015) Computational Finite Element Modelling of Structural Behaviours of Precast Sandwiched Foamed Concrete Slab. Open Journal of Civil Engineering, 5, 220-227. doi: 10.4236/ojce.2015.52022.

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