JPEE  Vol.3 No.4 , April 2015
Syngas Production and Losses Encountered in Gasification of Rice Husks

This paper addresses the syngas production and evaluation losses in high temperature gasification process using coffee husks. A fast and inexpensive way to evaluate the losses in gasification processes is by the application mathematical models which allow to predict the values needed in full scale. Hence, the quantification of gasifier’s losses at temperatures ranges of 800 K - 1400 K at an equivalence ratios of 0.3, 0.35 and 0.4 at 1 bar are revealed by using exergy model incorporating a chemical equilibrium model. The model evaluated the product syngas compositions, syngas heating values and degree of irreversibility values (losses). The results from the model showed that the production of H2 increased from 9.9% to 18.9% and the formation of CO2 ranges from 7.2% to 12.3%. CO production is from 21.8% to 17.2%. The irreversibility values obtained were less than 27%. Hence, reduction of losses protracts biomass resources to be used in energy generation.

Cite this paper: Kasembe, E. , Mganilwa, Z. , Mganilwa, Z. , John, G. and Mhilu, C. (2015) Syngas Production and Losses Encountered in Gasification of Rice Husks. Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, 3, 423-430. doi: 10.4236/jpee.2015.34057.

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