Health  Vol.7 No.5 , May 2015
The Relationship between Quality of Life with Demographic Variables of Elderly in Golestan Province-Iran
Abstract: Quality of life subscales was influenced by different factors including age, gender, and financial status and more importantly by health, education, financial and marital status. The main goal of this study was relationship between (QOL) with demographic variables of elderly in Golestan province-Iran. This research was an analytical cross study that conducted on 193 individuals going to Jahandidegan geriatric charity institution of Golestan-Iran. The data were collected from questionnaire SF-36 for QOL the elderly indicators through interviews and observation and then analyzed using SPSS V.17 Software. Among QOL dimensions, only general health status showed a significant association with supporting organizations covering status (P = 0.01). The relationship between QOL with current employment status in both genders was observed.
Cite this paper: Farzianpour, F. , Foroushani, A. , Badakhshan, A. and Gholipour, M. (2015) The Relationship between Quality of Life with Demographic Variables of Elderly in Golestan Province-Iran. Health, 7, 507-513. doi: 10.4236/health.2015.75060.

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