CN  Vol.7 No.2 , May 2015
An Estimation of Achievable Rate for Digital Transmissions over MIMO Channels
Abstract: Achievable rate (AR) is significant to communications. As to multi-input multi-output (MIMO) digital transmissions with finite alphabets inputs, which greatly improve the performance of communications, it seems rather difficult to calculate accurate AR. Here we propose an estimation of con-siderable accuracy and low complexity, based on Euclidean measure matrix for given channel states and constellations. The main contribution is explicit expression, non-constraints to MIMO schemes and channel states and constellations, and controllable estimating gap. Numerical results show that the proposition is able to achieve enough accurate AR computation. In addition the estimating gap given by theoretical deduction is well agreed.
Cite this paper: Zhang, J. , Chen, S. and He, Q. (2015) An Estimation of Achievable Rate for Digital Transmissions over MIMO Channels. Communications and Network, 7, 117-124. doi: 10.4236/cn.2015.72011.

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