ABC  Vol.5 No.3 , April 2015
Interaction of Hemoglobin with Binuclearcationic Tetranitrosyl Iron Complex with Penicillamine. Cations Binding Sites
Abstract: In this paper, the kinetics of the interaction of the nitrosyl iron complex with the ligands penicillamine [Fe2(SC5H112)2(NO)4]SO4·5H2O (I) with deoxyhemoglobin (Hb) was studied. The kinetic modeling method defined the number of binding (I) molecules and equilibrium constant of the coupling reaction of (Biomedicine, Iron-Sulfur Cluster, Ligand Binding, Heme, Nitric Oxide ) with Hb (Ks). At equimolar concentrations of (I) and Hb (2 × 10−5 M), the Hb molecule binds only one (I) with Ks equal to 4.3 × 107 M−1. When increasing the (Biomedicine, Iron-Sulfur Cluster, Ligand Binding, Heme, Nitric Oxide ) concentration, the number of binding sites of Hb increases and Ks decreases. These results are analyzed in accordance with the data on the existence of cations binding sites in Hb.
Cite this paper: Syrtsova, L. , Sanina, N. , Psikha, B. , Tukhvatullin, I. , Shkondina, N. , Pokidova, O. and Kotelnikov, A. (2015) Interaction of Hemoglobin with Binuclearcationic Tetranitrosyl Iron Complex with Penicillamine. Cations Binding Sites. Advances in Biological Chemistry, 5, 169-178. doi: 10.4236/abc.2015.53013.

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