APM  Vol.5 No.5 , April 2015
On Simple Completely Reducible Binary-Lie Superalgebras over sl2(F)
Author(s) Manuel Arenas*

In this article, we prove that if B is a simple binary-Lie superalgebra whose even part is isomorphic to sl2(F)  and whose odd part is a completely reducible binary-Lie-module over the even part, then B is a Lie superalgebra. We introduce also a binary-Lie module over which is sl2(F) not completely reducible.

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Arenas, M. (2015) On Simple Completely Reducible Binary-Lie Superalgebras over sl2(F). Advances in Pure Mathematics, 5, 314-323. doi: 10.4236/apm.2015.55030.
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