JPEE  Vol.3 No.4 , April 2015
The Research of Heat Transfer Area for 55/19 Steam Generator

A calculation method of heat transfer area for vertical natural circulated steam generator was introduced. According to the design requirements of steam generator 55/19 of CPR1000, its heat transfer area was calculated based on this method. The results show that the accuracy of partitional and overall calculation method is almost the same, but the result is different when using different calculation models. And the results are compared with the foreign companies for 55/19 steam generator.

Cite this paper: Zhao, Q. , Deng, D. , Nie, S. , Chen, W. , Wang, J. and Zhang, D. (2015) The Research of Heat Transfer Area for 55/19 Steam Generator. Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, 3, 417-422. doi: 10.4236/jpee.2015.34056.

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