Health  Vol.7 No.4 , April 2015
Ethnic Difference of Disease Prevalence in Rural China: Examples and Explanations
Ming Guan1,2*
Abstract: Ethnic difference of disease prevalence has attracted great attentions in recent years in China, but few researches have summarized analysis available on ethnic difference of disease prevalence in rural China. The PubMed Central, Wiley Inter science, Science direct, Biomed central, CNKI and Springer-link were searched to identify studies published between January 1984 and October 2014 on ethnic inequality of health status in rural China. Distinct ethnic differences of disease prevalence exist in rural China. Results across disciplines put different explanations on the ethnic differences from ethnicity, infant feeding, and inequality in maternal health services utilization angles. The ethnic inequality of health status in rural China can be reduced by policy makers to allocate more resources towards health service in ethnic rural China.
Cite this paper: Guan, M. (2015) Ethnic Difference of Disease Prevalence in Rural China: Examples and Explanations. Health, 7, 449-455. doi: 10.4236/health.2015.74052.

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