JBPC  Vol.6 No.2 , May 2015
Interactions between Phospholipid Monolayers (DPPC and DMPC) and Anesthetic Isoflurane Observed by Quartz Crystal Oscillator
Abstract: The interactions of phospholipid monolayers (dipalmitoyl phosphatidyl choline; DPPC and dimyristoyl phosphatidyl choline; DMPC) with volatile anesthetic isoflurane were investigated using quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) and quartz crystal impedance (QCI) methods. The quartz crystal oscillator was attached horizontally on the surface of DPPC and DMPC monolayer formed on the water surface. Physisorption of isoflurane hydrate at the DPPC monolayer surface was monitored in terms of frequency and resistance change of quartz crystal on addition of anesthetics isoflurane. Both frequency and resistance change showed the elastic nature of DPPC monolayer. Measurement of DMPC monolayer-isoflurane hydrate revealed the expandable nature of DMPC monolayer. Variation of frequency and impedance of DPPC and DMPC monolayer on addition of isoflurane which proved a two-step change has occurred at monolayer surface at isoflurane concentration of ≤8 mM that has been attributed to isoflurane aggregation at monolayer/water interface. Isoflurane hydrates formed in the process have capability to affect the interfacial properties of monolayer such as existence of structured water.
Cite this paper: Yamamoto, Y. , Yokoyama, T. , Yoshida, D. , Mori, H. , Sekiguchi, K. , Shimoaki, T. , Yoshino, A. , Taga, K. , Shervani, Z. , Yamamoto, M. (2015) Interactions between Phospholipid Monolayers (DPPC and DMPC) and Anesthetic Isoflurane Observed by Quartz Crystal Oscillator. Journal of Biophysical Chemistry, 6, 42-53. doi: 10.4236/jbpc.2015.62005.

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