ABCR  Vol.4 No.2 , April 2015
Breast Cancer Survival in Cameroon: Analysis of a Cohort of 404 Patients at the Yaoundé General Hospital

This study aimed to estimate the survival rate of breast cancer in a group of patients followed up at the Yaoundé General Hospital in Cameroon. A retrospective review of records of patients managed for breast cancer between 1995 and 2007 was carried out at the Yaoundé General Hospital. Survival analysis was carried out with survival defined as the time between the date of unequivocal diagnosis of cancer and the date of last follow-up or death. Survival curves were plotted in R.3.1.1 software. Mean age of the patients was 47.5 ± 12.36 years. Most of the patients (67.9%) presented with advanced breast cancer disease (stage III and IV). Overall patient survival rate was 30% at 5 years and 13.2% at 10 years. Median overall survival time was 2 (1.9 - 3) years. There was a correlation between survival and the stage of disease. The highest survival rates were recorded in stages I and II while the lowest rates were recorded in stage IV. There was no statistically significant difference in survival among the age groups (p = 0.15). Overall survival rates of breast cancer are 30% at 5 years and 13.2% at 10 years among Cameroonian patients and are lower compared with 90% and 82% respectively at 5 years and 10 years in some developed countries.

Cite this paper: Ngowa, J. , Kasia, J. , Yomi, J. , Nana, A. , Ngassam, A. , Domkam, I. , Sando, Z. and Ndom, P. (2015) Breast Cancer Survival in Cameroon: Analysis of a Cohort of 404 Patients at the Yaoundé General Hospital. Advances in Breast Cancer Research, 4, 44-52. doi: 10.4236/abcr.2015.42005.

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