OJG  Vol.5 No.3 , March 2015
Structural Analysis and Tectonic Investigation of Chamshir Dam Site, South West Zagros
Abstract: Geological factors play a major role in constructing and stability a dam. The study area is Chamshir Dam, which is located on the Zohreh River, 20 km southeast of Gachsaran City (southwest Iran). The satellite images are valuable means available to geologists for locating geological or geomorphological features expressing regional fault or fracture systems, therefore, the satellite images are used for structural analysis of the Chamshir dam area. As well, using the DEM and geological maps, 3D Models of the area have been constructed. Then, based on these models, all the acquired fracture traces data are integrated in Geographic Information System (GIS) environment by using Arc GIS software. Based on field investigation and DEM model, main structures in the area consist of Cham Shir syncline and two fault sets, the main thrust faults with NW-SE direction and small normal faults in NE-SW direction. There are three joint sets in the study area, both of them (J1 and J3) are the main large fractures around the Chamshir dam. These fractures indeed consist with the normal faults in NE-SW direction. The third joint set in NW-SE is normal to the others. In general, according to topography, geomorphology and structural geology evidences, Chamshir dam has a potential for sliding in some parts of Gachsaran formation.
Cite this paper: Khavari, R. (2015) Structural Analysis and Tectonic Investigation of Chamshir Dam Site, South West Zagros. Open Journal of Geology, 5, 136-143. doi: 10.4236/ojg.2015.53013.

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