IJCNS  Vol.8 No.2 , February 2015
The Effect of High Power at Microwave Frequencies on the Linearity of Non-Polar Dielectrics in Space RF component
Abstract: In satellite communication systems, there are high power multichannel transmitters and wideband receivers that have shared RF antenna transmission lines because of: 1) large power level difference between the transmitted and received signal; 2) limited frequency channels. The harmonics and Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Interference will be generated due to passive non-linearities in the high power transmission path. This can be a serious problem. This paper describes how to determine the signal levels and dominant mechanisms that are associated with non-linear dielectric behavior in this context. A novel measurement system for testing dielectric samples is described and measurement results are provided for commonly used microwave dielectrics.
Cite this paper: Khattab, T. (2015) The Effect of High Power at Microwave Frequencies on the Linearity of Non-Polar Dielectrics in Space RF component. International Journal of Communications, Network and System Sciences, 8, 11-18. doi: 10.4236/ijcns.2015.82002.

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