JSIP  Vol.6 No.1 , February 2015
Experimentally-Induced Inhibition of Growth in Melanoma Cell Cultures Separated by ~2 Kilometers When Both Share Excess Correlation Magnetic Fields: Macroscopic Evidence of Free-Space Quantum Teleportation?
Abstract: In multiple experiments plates of melanoma cells separated by either 3 m or 1.7 km were placed in the centers of toroids. A specific protocol of changing, angular velocity, pulsed magnetic fields that has been shown to produce excess correlation in photon durations and shift in proton concentrations (pH) in spring water were generated around both plates of cells. Serial injections of 50 μL of standard concentrations of hydrogen peroxide into the “local” plates of cells during the 12 min of field activation produced conspicuous cell death (reduction of viable cells by about 50%) with comparable diminishments of cell numbers in the non-local plates of cells within 24 hr but only if both loci separated by either 3 m or 1.7 km had shared the “excess correlation” magnetic field sequence. The non-local effect did not occur if the magnetic fields had not been present. Higher or lower concentrations of peroxide or concentrations that eliminated all of the cells or very few cells in the local dishes were associated with no significant diminishment of non-local cell growth. The data indicate that there must be a critical number of cells remaining viable following the local chemical reaction for the excess correlation to be manifested in the non-local cells. We suggest that this specific spatial-temporal pattern of fields generated within the paired toroidal geometries promotes transposition of virtual chemical reactions as an information field. Calculations of the energy available per cell and per volume of the quantity of reactants injected into the local space from the intensity of the changing velocity toroidal magnetic field support previous measurements and derivations that the units of information transposition may involve discrete quantities that represent equivalents of photons, electrons and protons.
Cite this paper: Karbowski, L. , Murugan, N. and Persinger, M. (2015) Experimentally-Induced Inhibition of Growth in Melanoma Cell Cultures Separated by ~2 Kilometers When Both Share Excess Correlation Magnetic Fields: Macroscopic Evidence of Free-Space Quantum Teleportation?. Journal of Signal and Information Processing, 6, 39-48. doi: 10.4236/jsip.2015.61004.

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