JAMP  Vol.3 No.2 , February 2015
Solid-State Reaction and Vacancy-Type Defects in Bilayer Fe/Hf Studied by the Slow Positron Beam

The positron annihilation lifetimes and the Doppler broadening by slow positron beam are measured in thin Fe films with thickness 500 nm, a thin Hf film with thickness 100 nm, and the bilayer Fe (50 nm)/Hf (50 nm) on quartz glass substrate. We have analyzed the behavior in vacancy-type defects in each layer through some deposition temperatures and annealing. It is observed that the thin Fe film, the thin Hf film, and the bilayer Fe (50 nm)/Hf (50 nm) already contain many vacancy-type defects. We have investigated the change of densities of the vacancy-carbon complex and the small vacancy-cluster with carbons, through solid-state amorphization of Fe (50 nm)/Hf (50 nm) bilayer.

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Yamada, K. , Sasaki, T. , Nagata, T. , Kanazawa, I. , Suzuki, R. , Ohdaira, T. , Nozawa, K. and Komori, F. (2015) Solid-State Reaction and Vacancy-Type Defects in Bilayer Fe/Hf Studied by the Slow Positron Beam. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, 3, 233-239. doi: 10.4236/jamp.2015.32034.
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