JWARP  Vol.7 No.2 , January 2015
Review of 15 Years of Research on Sediment Heavy Metal Contents and Sediment Nutrient Release in Inland Aquatic Ecosystems, Turkey
Turkey’s inland water ecosystem consists of 33 rivers (177.714 miles), 200 natural lakes (906.118 ha), 159 reservoirs (342.377 ha) and 750 ponds (15.500 ha). Sedimentological studies conducted on inland water ecosystems during the last 15 years in Turkey can be categorized into two main topics. The first group of studies is concerned with heavy metal levels in sediment, with especial reference to the interaction between water, sediment and aquatic organisms. Additionally, the studies in question deal with the potential impacts of heavy metal concentrations on the ecosystem. The second group of studies is concerned with the role of eutrophication in the sediment as a result of serious contamination of inland water ecosystems. It is known that the sediment can directly influence the nutrient level in standing inland waters such as lakes and ponds by way of internal nutrient loading. In this context, studies regarding sediment, overlying water, sediment pore water and nutrient release from the sediment should be emphasized as these are important steps with respect to the eutrophication process. By keeping these studies in mind, the researcher in this study compiled and analyzed studies dealing with inland water ecosystems with differing nutrient levels and uses, including for drinking water, in Turkey’s drainage basins. In addition, field and laboratory studies regarding nutrient release from sediment into Turkey’s inland water ecosystems were evaluated in light of lake management practices.

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Pulatsü, S. and Topçu, A. (2015) Review of 15 Years of Research on Sediment Heavy Metal Contents and Sediment Nutrient Release in Inland Aquatic Ecosystems, Turkey. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 7, 85-100. doi: 10.4236/jwarp.2015.72007.
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