AJAC  Vol.6 No.2 , January 2015
Kinetics and Vapor Pressure Studies of bis(N-alkyl-2-hydroxonapthaldimine)nickel (II) (N-R = methyl to pentyl) Complexes
Abstract: The complexes of bis[N-alkyl-2-hydroxonapthaldimine]nickel(II) (N-alkyl = methyl, ethyl, propyl, butyl or pentyl) were synthesized and their volatilization in N2 atmosphere was demonstrated by the TG-based transpiration technique. The equilibrium vapor pressure of the complexes over a temperature span of 470 - 590 K was determined by adapting a horizontal dual arm single furnace thermoanalyser as a transpiration apparatus. It yielded as 153.1 (±1.9), 122.9 (±0.3), 147.6 (±10.7), 151.8 (±10.9) and 114.7 (±5.3) k·Jmol1 respectively. The entropies of vaporization for these complexes as calculated from the intercept of the linear fit expressions were found to be 319.7 (±3.9), 229.9 (±5.8), 317.8 (±17.2), 319.7 (±19.1) and 254.6 (±9.6) Jmo1·K1 respectively. The non-isothermal vaporization activation energy was determined from Arrhenius and Coats-Redfern methods.
Cite this paper: Johnson, M. , Jeevan, T. , Arockiasamy, S. and Nagaraja, K. (2015) Kinetics and Vapor Pressure Studies of bis(N-alkyl-2-hydroxonapthaldimine)nickel (II) (N-R = methyl to pentyl) Complexes. American Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 6, 118-126. doi: 10.4236/ajac.2015.62011.

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