Health  Vol.7 No.1 , January 2015
Knowledge and Attitude of School Teachers towards Promoting Healthy Lifestyle to Students
Abstract: Teachers play an important role in delivering health education to empower students with skills for healthy living to prevent non-communicable diseases. One of the common non-communicable diseases is hypertension that its development is highly associated with unhealthy life . A survey was administered to assess 130 pre-service teachers and 54 in-service teachers who were taking the health education course to prepare them for teaching the content of healthy living in Hong Kong. The assessment included their knowledge level of hypertension, attitudes towards life modification education to students, perception of knowledgeable to give health education. It was found that the knowledge level related to hypertension was generally below average among the teachers. Although they considered that life modification was an effective way to enhance students’ well-being, both pre-service and in-service teachers were reluctant to take responsibility for life modification education to their students. Lack of skill training was perceived as a problem. Teachers’ perception on health education should not be limited to the provision of simple information and advice. There is a need to improve teachers’ health literacy on some common non-communicable diseases.
Cite this paper: Cheng, N. and Wong, M. (2015) Knowledge and Attitude of School Teachers towards Promoting Healthy Lifestyle to Students. Health, 7, 119-126. doi: 10.4236/health.2015.71014.

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