AMPC  Vol.5 No.1 , January 2015
Fabrication and Characterization of Graphene Based Nanocomposite for Electrical Properties
Abstract: In the present study, we have described the synthesis of acid functionalized graphene (GE) which was grafted to chitosan (CH) by first reacting the oxidized GE with thionyl chloride to form acyl-chlorinated GE. This product was subsequently dispersed in chitosan and covalently grafted to form GE-chitosan. GE-chitosan was further grafted onto poly(anthranilic acid) (PAA) by free radical polymerization conditions, to yield GE-g-chitosan-g-PAA for our investigations. The structure of GE-CH-PAA composites was characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) pattern, Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, thermo gravimetric analysis (TGA), cyclovoltammetrie (CV) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). XRD report suggested the strongly crystalline character of the specimen prepared. The performance of cycle voltammeter was attributed to the GE-CH-PAA, which provided a large number of active sites and good electrical conductivity. Experimental results suggested that nanocomposites could be combined together for industrial applications.
Cite this paper: Pati, M. , Pattojoshi, P. and Roy, G. (2015) Fabrication and Characterization of Graphene Based Nanocomposite for Electrical Properties. Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry, 5, 22-30. doi: 10.4236/ampc.2015.51004.

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