CRCM  Vol.4 No.1 , January 2015
Coexistence of Carcinoma and Tuberculosis in the Breast: A Rarity
Abstract: Background: Malignancy of the breast is one of the commonest lesions of the breast. Amongst the infective lesions tuberculosis has now become a common occurrence especially in the developing world. However, co-existence of the two in the same breast is extremely rare. Introduction: Since both of these lesions have a different natural history, co-existence of tuberculosis and malignancy poses a diagnostic dilemma to both the surgeon and the pathologist. Awareness of the co-existence of the two lesions in the same patient is pivotal for early diagnosis and planning the management. Case Report: In view of its rarity, a case of coexistence of the two diseases in the same beast is reported in order to create an awareness of their co-existence. Discussion: The diagnostic implications and management are discussed. Conclusion: Awareness of the co-existence of these divergent pathological conditions is essential for early diagnosis and planning of an accurate treatment protocol.
Cite this paper: Vagholkar, K. , Budhkar, A. and Gopinathan, I. (2015) Coexistence of Carcinoma and Tuberculosis in the Breast: A Rarity. Case Reports in Clinical Medicine, 4, 14-18. doi: 10.4236/crcm.2015.41004.

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