AM  Vol.6 No.1 , January 2015
Darboux Transformation and New Multi-Soliton Solutions of the Whitham-Broer-Kaup System
Abstract: Through a variable transformation, the Whitham-Broer-Kaup system is transformed into a parameter Levi system. Based on the Lax pair of the parameter Levi system, the N-fold Darboux transformation with multi-parameters is constructed. Then some new explicit solutions for the Whitham-Broer-Kaup system are obtained via the given Darboux transformation.
Cite this paper: Xu, T. (2015) Darboux Transformation and New Multi-Soliton Solutions of the Whitham-Broer-Kaup System. Applied Mathematics, 6, 20-27. doi: 10.4236/am.2015.61003.

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